Mountain View, USA

Ravi Kolli

Engineering Manager, Elementum

Ravi Kolli is an Engineering Manager at Elementum, a supply chain software startup. He has 11+ years of experience building graph based enterprise software solutions in India, United States and now in Argentina. He is passionate about technology, people and refactored thinking. During his spare time he loves navigating different universes people create through art, seeking new experiences that expand his world view.

details about the talk

"ParĂ¡ la pelota": How you can grow without getting burnt out

"ParĂ¡ la pelota" in Spanish means "Stop the ball". A common phrase in soccer, signifying to stop and think.

With exciting progress in technologies we use, we tackling more and more complex problems everyday as we are racing to change the world. In this rush, often people burn out if they are not careful and it's easy to not realize while it is happening. I will share what I have learnt over years to grow and how you can handle it.