Buenos Aires, AR

Mariano Vazquez

Fullstack Developer, Mulesoft

Mariano Vazquez is a fullstack developer with +10 years of experience who worked as a vendor for Microsoft for teams such as P&P (Patterns & Practices) and DPE (Developer and Platform Evangelist). He is also co-organizer of DevDayAR, .NET Conf AR and Buenos Aires Cloud Computing meetup. He currently works at MuleSoft, a company that provides integration software for connecting enterprise applications.

details about the talk

How to build the Status APIs of your microservices ecosystem

There are a number of things you need to know after your service goes to Production. The most simple and important one: is it working? And if it's not, where is the problem? Since these questions apply to all the services in your ecosystem and how they interact with each other, you might want to know this quickly and easily. But, more importantly, you want to design & implement this in a simple and secure way.

In this talk, I'm going to talk about real-life examples that made us realize why this is important. And some of the tools we are using (and building) to know this real-time.