Buenos Aires, AR

Leonardo Crespo

Frontend Developer, Match

Frontend Developer at All things React. I like to always be learning new things. Meetup.js co-organizer. Bass guitar player and bad jokes teller.

details about the talk

AST a la vista, baby

Tools like Babel, ESlint, JScodeshift, Prettier all seem to work magically for us. Since they relate to subjects such as "compilers" and "parsers", we never even dare to look inside and understand what they do. How do they work? We'll see the fundamental piece of the puzzle, the Abstract Syntax Tree, or AST. What it is, what it is for, and how can we use it to ease our work and make us more productive while keeping our code optimized, or even do crazy things we never thought of.

After this talk you'll no longer be afraid of the AST, and you'll know enough to go and write your own plugins!