Santiago, Chile

Felipe Torres

Software Engineer, AxiomZen

He is a software engineer by choice, an educator at heart ♥ . He is very passionate about software communities, that's why he created Noders, a software community around JavaScript, and with the help of the team, they run a bunch JavaScript events on Chile.

details about the talk

“There is no spoon” - Building VR experiences in the Browser (With JS)

Virtual reality enables the creation of powerful immersive experiences for games, environments, and content display, but the expensive headsets and complicated frameworks needed to create, distribute, and access VR are anything but appealing to the web developer —or the masses—. But worry not, for JavaScript comes to the rescue!!

WebVR is the developing open standard that makes it possible to create and experience VR using just a browser. Its goal, to make VR experiences accessible for everyone, regardless of which device they might have. All that’s required is a cell phone (or headset), a browser, and JavaScript.

In this talk, we'll go through the state of WebVR, its current and future plans, technical support, and show a few entertaining use cases. We will introduce A-frame as a declarative, entity-component based framework for creating awesome and compelling experiences with JS, and finish by demoing a couple of interactive WebVR experiences for the audience to participate in.