Linz, Austria

Daniel Khan

Node.js Technology Lead, Dynatrace

Daniel started his career in front of his fathers Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Luckily a brand new thing called 'Word Wide Web' crossed his path some years later and he built an ugly personal website on GeoCities. Nevertheless he became a go-to-person for websites of all kinds, found out that he needs Perl to send a form by email and MySQL to store things. The rest is history. Perl became PHP, PHP became Node.js and trial and error became craftsmanship. Today, Daniel shares his MacBook with his 4 kids and and uses his broad knowledge working as technology strategist at Dynatrace.

details about the talk

Everything I thought I knew about the Event Loop was wrong

"Node.js is an event-based platform. This means that everything that happens in Node is the reaction to an event. A transaction passing through Node traverses a cascade of callbacks.

Abstracted away from the developer, this is all handled by a library called libuv which provides a mechanism called an event loop.

This event loop is maybe the most misunderstood concept of the platform, yet understanding it is vital to really grasp what Node.js is all about. In this talk I will cover the learnings from digging into the event loop to get some actionable performance metrics out of it.