San Francisco, USA

Anshul Bhagi

Computer Scientist

Anshul is a computer scientist from MIT with an MBA from Harvard and web/mobile dev experience at Google, Apple, Microsoft, and tech startups.

He founded and runs Camp K12, an education venture bringing coding to k-12 education in India, and together with Nikhila, co-founded and co-directs, a global non-profit solving problems in education with open-source AI.

Anshul has built a number of Node.js apps with NLP/ML back-ends, including Decodemoji (Emoji to English translation FB messenger chatbot), Proffer Edu (peer-to-peer education app with a conversational interface), a drone controller that uses OpenCV to navigate a drone in pursuit of fruits and vegetables, and LingoLens (image-classification powered language learning app).

details about the talk

Node.js <=> Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence are becoming ubiquitous in websites, chatbots and mobile apps. While Node.js may not be the language of choice for building and training ML models, it is an excellent option for building the user-facing server layer that brings ML product to life.

In this talk learn about the ways that Node and ML can work together whether it’s through running ML models in the browser (using WebAssembly and WebGPU) or writing a node server for an ML chatbot.

She’ll show you how to take a pre-trained ML model built on any library (e.g. TensorFlow, Torch) and any language (python, lua), and build and deploy a node server for a Facebook messenger bot that interfaces with the model.